Smeg SF4140VC Linea Aesthetic Combination Steam Oven




Boasting a generous 41L capacity and a variety of convenient features, the SF4140VC Linea Aesthetic Combination Steam Oven from Smeg is sure to bring a welcome touch of style and practicality to any household. Combination steam This smart oven can either be used as a steam oven, a traditional oven, or the two methods can be combined. The steam feature cooks any type of food very gently, making it ideal for thawing or heating food without making it tough or dry. It also helps preserve nutritional qualities, taste and aroma. This integration of cooking methods brings versatility to the kitchen while helping you save on electricity and cooking time too. Circulaire system It also boasts a Circulaire system in the cavity, where the fan and circular element surrounding it distribute heat evenly. This reduces cooking time by 20% and temperature by 10-20°C compared to a conventional oven, and is ideal for pastries and batch baking. Fan with grill The fan reduces the fierce heat from the grill to provide even browning and heat distribution, without drying out the food. The top two levels are recommended for grilling and the lower part of the oven can be used to keep items warm at the same time. It even features a half grill option for smaller dishes. Enamel lining The enamel interior of the SF4140VC possesses a special antacid lining which helps keep the cavity clean by preventing cooking grease adhering to it. Design Characterised by symmetrical lines, this modern oven is ergonomically designed to maximise space while making a contemporary statement in your kitchen. Impressive design features include soft-close hinges and interactive touch controls with an easy-guide, colour LCD display that allows you to select from 50 automatic programmes.